Say goodbye to the “I don’t have time” excuse for not fitting a killer workout into your day because interval training is here to the rescue. We are talking about a short, explosive workout that will make the path towards your fittest self much easier.


Simply put, interval training is a form of exercise that alternates between high-intensity movement and either low-intensity movements or rest. Each interval is timed so that you can go full out within the allotted time.


Compared to the time-hungry steady-state exercise, interval training is a much more effective way to boost your metabolism (1), build lean muscle while burning fat (1, 2, 3) and significantly improve your cardiovascular health (4). Not bad, eh?


So if you are looking for the best method for improving your fitness and body composition in a short amount of time, then read on to learn how to incorporate interval training into your life.

Interval Training.

Your Beginner’s Guide to Interval Training

 Pre-workout checklist

  1. Between ten to thirty minutes of free time
  2.  No-pain-no-gain attitude – Interval training is all about maximum effort for maximum results. Keep your mind focused on your goal and go hard the whole way through.
  3.  Mobile interval training app – Sure, a stopwatch can do the job but staying on top of the timed intervals is much easier when using an app. To get the most out of your workout, we recommend using Circuit Training Timer or Bit Timer (for all iOS devices) and Intervals or Seconds (for all Apple devices)
  4. Workout gear/equipment (see below) – Depending on the amount of time and equipment accessible to you, try out these intervals and see which ones tickle your fancy…


Run it out  

Duration: 10 minutes

Equipment: running shoes, treadmill or a large running surface


3 minute warm up

30 seconds sprinting

30 seconds walking

Repeat cycles of running and walking until 10 minutes is up

Jump It Out.

Jump it Out

Duration: 20 minutes

Equipment: Jump/skipping rope


3 minute warm up

1-minute mountain climbers

20-30 pushups

1-minute plank

1 minute jump rope

Rest for one minute

Repeat cycles of mountain climbers through to jump rope until 20 minutes it up

Bike It Out.

Bike it out

Duration: 30 minutes

Equipment: Bike (stationary or mobile)

3 minute warm up

45 second fast cycling at max resistance

60 seconds slow cycling at low resistance

Repeat cycles of biking until 30 minutes is up


Pump it out

Duration: 30 minutes

Equipment: dumbbell weights or two equally heavy objects that you can hold in your hands


5 minute warm up

8 reps of squats to shoulder press with dumbells (press hands up at same time)

Rest 20 seconds

1-minute burpees

Rest 20 seconds

Repeat cycles until 30 minutes is up


Whichever interval training workout you choose for yourself, understand that the best results come from going pedal-to-the-metal, 3-4 times per week. But hey, life is sometimes a bit crazy, so do what you can with the time and resources that are available to you. If you are used to working out at a steady pace, ease into intervals by incorporating them slowly into your workout routine.

Do you have ten minutes to spare today or even right now? Why not spice up your workouts and try out a new interval-training workout?
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