See How Easily You Can Improve Your Metabolism

A good way to take care of yourself is to take care of your metabolism. Too often we forget how vital a healthy metabolism is, and the extent of its impact on so many different aspects of our everyday health. While our genes do help determine our metabolic rate (and yes some of us are stuck with slower metabolisms), we can take steps to speed it up.

Simple Steps To Improve Your Metabolism


A great way to start improving your metabolism is to increase the how often you exercise. Hitting the gym twice a week can rev up your metabolism, as your body will begin to increase the efficiency and speed at which you metabolize your food. Even something as simple as walking for fifteen minutes a day can move your metabolism in the right direction.

Eat Well, and Often

Eating a balanced, properly portioned, and regular diet can also help to improve your metabolism. While this can certainly involve paying closer attention to the things we eat (fibrous vegetables!), it also involves making sure we eat regularly enough. When we don’t eat for long stretches of time, our body starts adapting to the lack of food, and slows down the rate at which it processes calories and nutrients. So even though it seems like a good idea to skip a meal, it is often more effective to eat a healthy, well-portioned meal.

Add A Metabolism Booster Like Green Tea

Green tea has a considerable list of positive health effects, and it can also help your speed up your metabolism. We won’t go into everything here, but we will tell you that green tea comes packed with antioxidants, and can improve your metabolism, helping you burn up to 70 extra calories a day (in some studies).