Healthy eating shouldn’t simply be a quick fix designed to help you lose weight, healthy eating should instead be a way of life. Despite this, many of us tend to instead place an emphasis on speed and convenience as opposed to health, and we subsequently end up paying the price. Eating wholesome, healthy, nutritious, balanced meals will not only help you achieve your health and fitness goals, it will also improve numerous other aspects of your life as well. A critical component of any healthy eating regime is meal prep and meal planning, and this is where people often slip up. Planning and prepping your meals takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, it will truly improve your well-being and health. Successful individuals often credit meal planning and prep for at least some of their success, and so for that reason we’ll now be looking at how successful people plan their meals before going to bed.

They create a detailed shopping list – Meal planning and prep takes a lot of time, and it isn’t just something that can be done on a whim. If you’re serious about eating right and planning and prepping your meals, preparation is key. Before going to bed in an evening, before facing a day of prep the following day, these individuals will take the time to create a detailed shopping list. When you’re trying to eat right it’s important you have access to the right foods. Before planning your meals you need to know which ingredients you need, which is why you need to create a detailed shopping list. Write down your protein sources, carb sources, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables, along with weights and quantities. Having a list which clearly states exactly what you need will make planning your meals so much easier.

They plan at least 3 meals per day for the entire week – When some people plan their meals, they make the mistake of only planning their main evening meals. Successful people however, plan their 3 main meals per day, for the entire week ahead. If you’re looking to plan your meals successfully, make sure to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week ahead. You could even go one step further and also plan for healthy snacks as well.

They include plenty of variety – Another common trait seen in successful people who plan their weekly meals before going to bed at night, is ensuring they are getting plenty of variety. Remember, healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, so you need to ensure your meal plan is sustainable. Instead of eating grilled chicken, white rice, and steamed broccoli for dinner every night, try switching things up instead. For example, Monday you could eat grilled chicken, white rice, and steamed broccoli if you enjoy that, but Tuesday, try something new, and do the same thing for Weds, and Thurs, and Fri, and so on. Think about which healthy foods and meals you enjoy, and think about the different healthy dishes you can have for the week ahead. Again, successful people will figure out which healthy meals they plan on preparing for the week ahead, and will write a different one down for each day of the week.