How to Become Fit When You Can’t Stay Motivated

Whatever the reason may be, there are bound to be days when you don’t feel like working out. You are human after all. However, in order to stay fit, it is vital to maintain your fitness regime. But how do you get off the couch and turn your wishful thinking into action?


Fortunately, psychologists and highly effective exercisers have come up with some awesome strategies to build up the motivation necessary to break out of a slump and get active. Now its time to learn their secrets…


Strategies to get motivated to work out

Grab Music and Gear.

Grab Music and Gear.

Put on your workout clothes and listen to an upbeat music playlist

Even if there is no chance in hell that you are going to workout, just put on the clothes, lace up the running shoes and blast the beats. Your gear and the music will make it next to impossible to not get up and move.

Tell yourself: “I just have to warm up, then I can go home.”

When your heart says workout but your body says no, tell yourself that you just have to warm up and then you can go home. Odds are, you will follow through with the workout as your endorphins kick in.


Try something new, fun and exciting

When fun and excitement is involved, there is no need for motivation. This is why playing your favourite sport or activity doesn’t feel like working out, but rather just having fun. Instead of sticking to the usual routine, try something that excites you. Sign up for a hip-hop dance class, join a league team, go rock climbing, or play trampoline dodge ball. By keeping it fresh, fun and exciting, lack of motivation doesn’t stand a chance.

Find Some Workout Friends.

Find Some Workout Friends.

Get a workout buddy or join a team

When you have other people depending on you, the guilt of letting them down by skipping out on your scheduled activity forces you to commit to the workout. Do you have co-workers, friends, or family members that has a similar fitness goal or interest in the same activities/sports as you? Suggest you team up and make it happen!


Commit Publicly

You can make promises to yourself all day long, but research shows that we are more likely to follow through with commitments when we make them in front of others (source). We go the extra mile to do something that we’ve said publicly. Keep people up to date with your progress towards your fitness goals through social media, email or straight up face-to-face. You can up the ante by signing a contract agreeing to pay a friend $20 every time you skip your workout.


Find inspiration

Find people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Follow inspiring people on Instagram and Twitter, read blog posts about success stories and listen to podcasts. Seeing these people, who are just like you, achieve what you are trying to achieve will motivate you to get your butt into gear. You’re next!


Give yourself a real reward

Sure, vague rewards such as “better health” or “lose weight” may work for some people but if it isn’t doing it for you, you need to reward yourself immediately after working out. For example, treat yourself to a smoothie or take a relaxing bubble bath. By doing so, you create a positive “habit loop,” that eventually turns your workout routine into a habit.



We all have competing priorities like work, family, and our social life that may crowd out the motivation to stay active. When this happens, call on these strategies to help you get back on track.


Which strategy will you use the next time you lose motivation?


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