How Successful People Boost Mental Energy All Day Long Using The Glycemic Index

Are you always tired, and forced to rely on coffee for that boost of mental energy? It could be an issue with the way your body is regulating its blood sugar levels.

Many people associate nutrition with being physically healthy, but that’s only half the story.

Successful people know that the best way to maintain a consistent level of mental energy is to focus on what they put in their body. Their eating habits give them the energy needed to shine at work and maintain a balanced home life.

Enter the Glycemic Index (GI)

The Glycemic Index rates carbohydrates on how much or how little they raise blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Low-GI foods

result in a slower release of glucose into the blood stream, which results in a steadier and more healthy blood glucose level. With steady blood glucose levels, you’re of a more even temper, and energy, and perform at your best mentally.

High-GI foods

enter the blood stream quickly, and trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar. Anybody who has ever seen a child run around on a sugar high knows that the inevitable crash is soon to follow. This is caused by a similarly rapid drop in blood glucose levels, and can leave one feeling fatigued, slow, and irritable.


Download Our Glycemic Index Chart Below

Fuel Foods Glycemic Index (GI)


If you’re looking to boost or maintain consistent mental energy all day, use the chart above and stick to low-GI foods whenever possible.