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Interested in making a difference (and a little extra cash) with Fuel Foods?

With our affiliate program, you earn $25 commission on the initial purchase of any plan i.e when someone signs up for a plan through your referral link!

All you have to do is recommend Fuel Foods using your affiliate link on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter account, or any other social network account you have.

Why Promote Fuel Foods?

We are a Toronto-based team of Health, Wellness, and Nutrition professionals, combining over 30 years experience with over 20 years in the kitchen. We appreciate the demands of a full schedule, and understand the importance of convenient nutrition.

The one commonality shared by all of our clients is the struggle to strike a healthy lifestyle balance. That’s why we offer hassle-free delivery and reasonable prices to meet our clients’ needs. Whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance, or are simply seeking healthier options for your daily routine, Fuel Foods has a meal plan that’s right for you.

Giving Back

Here at Fuel Foods, we know that a great deal of our business already comes from the talented and inspiring leaders in our health and fitness community. This affiliate program is a way to give to back to anyone who likes what we’re doing, and who doesn’t mind telling people about it.

As an affiliate, you will earn $25 commission from each sale you refer to Fuel Foods. That’s right, $25!

So don’t hesitate! With your help, we can make the world a healthier, happier place.

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