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The Easy Plan

Our Easy Plan is perfect for people who are tired of choosing what to eat every day. Choice can be exhausting, so we make things easier by mixing six new main courses and three breakfasts every week to give your diet some much-needed variation. As our most affordable omnivorous plan, the Easy Plan is perfect for anyone who just wants to eat a wide variety of healthy delicious meals.

The Custom Plan

If you know what you like, and know what you don’t, then this plan is for you. Our Custom Plan lets you choose from seven different main courses every week, as well as a range of breakfasts and salads for snacks. By following our sample menu, you can see exactly which meals are coming up in the next week, and choose which meals you’ll get to eat each day. Life is too short to eat food you don’t like (and even shorter if that food isn’t good for you), but when you can choose a healthy, delicious diet everyday, you’ll agree that life is much more enjoyable.

The Vegan Plan

Eating a diverse healthy diet is difficult when you don’t have a lot of free time, and eating a diverse healthy vegan diet can be like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded before you’ve had your morning coffee. With that in mind, feast your eyes on our innovative and delicious Vegan Plan, featuring culinary creations from our talented staff of veteran chefs. With six new main courses every week, and two breakfasts to choose from, our most affordable plan brings the “veg” back into vegan (as in “Veg out, your meals are all taken care of this week”).

Your Essential & Convenient Meal Delivery Service

Why Fuel Foods?

We are a Toronto-based team of Health, Wellness, and Nutrition professionals, combining over 30 years’ experience with over 20 years in the kitchen.

Our Meals Are The Best

  • We Have The Meals You Want – When You Want Them
  • We Give You The Time To Eat Healthy
  • Delicious, Healthy Meals In Your Fridge When You Need Them
  • Stop Waiting In Line For Cheap Fast Food – Bring Us To Work
  • Quality Ingredients, Great Taste, Unbeatable Value

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